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Join us & Learn How To Find Stocks That Outperform Nifty Even In Falling Market

Find Exact Entry-Exit For Trending Stocks That Give Highest Return In Shortest Time

(Hint: You don’t have to hold it for 5-10 years for huge returns)

Ruchir Gupta

Multiple Award Winning Stock Market Coach

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Learn GCD Method To Analyse 1500 Stocks in Just 30 Mins Inside The Workshop

How to find stocks that outperform NIFTY Even if NIFTY falls

Our students are generating 20-30% returns from NIFTY Stocks even after NIFTY falls, Yes there are some stocks that outperform NIFTY & you will learn to find such stocks in this workshop

How to find Rising Stocks in a falling market

You can still generate high returns in falling market, by choosing the right stocks that will rise even if the market falls. We have done it before & I will show you how inside the workshop. WITH PROOF.

How to find Stocks that give highest returns in short time

If you want to ride the market for highest profit, you need to choose the trending stocks. You’ll learn the method to choose trending stocks that give highest return even in short time.

How to find exact timing to hold it

If you don’t hold any stock for exact right timing, no matter you hold it for 10 or 20 years, you’ll lose your capital & waste years of time.

Identify which stocks to avoid even if it shows positive signs

You must avoid a few stocks that are tempting & show all positive signs but are fake & make you lose capital, average traders & investors fall for this trap. You’ll learn how to spot such stocks & run away from them as fast as possible.

How To Make Huge Returns From Stock Market By Giving Just 30 Mins a Day

  • 08Minutes
  • 17Seconds

Seats Limited, Grab Your Spot Now

May 26, 2024 11:00 AM

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GCD student

GCD student

GCD Student

  • 08Minutes
  • 18Seconds

Seats Limited, Grab Your Spot Now

May 26, 2024 11:00 AM

Our Students Have Been Taking Such 6-Figure Trades

Both Targets 16% & 18% done!

T1 20% & T2 22% achieved!

Target 25% achieved in just 7 days

My 1st Target 15% is successful in just 2 days

Power of GCD & Price Action💪

20% achieved & all Targets done!

Mohit Made 1.7 Lakhs In One Trade

Ram 12xed his capital in 3 months

Ram 12xed his capital in 3 months

90% People Struggle In Stock Market Because

This is because you don’t know the right method to find timing, until when to hold a stock. Right timing ke bina aap 10 saal bhi hold karoge to bhi profit nahi banega.

Aap achhe stocks me jate to ho but usko sahi time tk hold ni kr pate, you lack patience, In this workshop you’ll learn the method to find stocks that give huge returns in 2-4 months

You have become addicted to Intraday due to instant profit, you think aaj hoga profit, kal hoga profit but slowly you are losing/lost your entire capital in Intraday, and now you are in debt.

90% retail traders are overtrading, once you make losses in Intraday or options, you overtrade to compensate or to earn more. This only happens because you don’t know the right method to find timing, once you know the timing, overtrading stops permanently.

Jb stocks kuch saal hold karne ke baad bhi return nhi dete ya loss ho jata hai to uske baad aap anxiousness me aakr, Options trading ya Penny stocks me invest kr lete hai jisse aur bhi losses ho jata hai. Options solution nahi hai, especially if you are a beginner. Ye situation arise hoti hai kyuki aapko sahi stocks choose karna nahi aata.

After This Workshop, You’ll Be Able To

Make higher profit in Cash Stocks than Intraday or Options

Choose Trending Stocks That Move Very Fast In 2-4 Months

Capture BIG Moves In Advance

  • 08Minutes
  • 18Seconds

Seats Limited, Grab Your Spot Now

May 26, 2024 11:00 AM

Who This Workshop Is For?

  • 08Minutes
  • 18Seconds

Seats Limited, Grab Your Spot Now

May 26, 2024 11:00 AM

About Your Mentor

Ruchir Gupta

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this workshop for traders or investors?

Ans. Anyone be it an Investor, Intraday Traders, Options Traders, Futures Traders, Job Professionals, Business Owners, CAs Engineers, Retired Person, Beginners as well as Experienced Traders can attend this workshop & skyrocket their existing returns.

Q. I am an Intraday trader, Is this workshop for me?

Ans. Definitely Yes, as I said above all of the Traders even beginners to experience, trading in any time frame, Intraday or Swing can attend this Worshop & multiply their existing returns to the next level. And its big Yes for the Intraday Traders like you because inside I’m about to reveal something that will be a game-changing strategy for you.

Q. I have taken some bad trades in Stocks & lost my capital, I am in debt, How this will help me?

Ans. This Workshop is a blessing for the traders who are Trapped in continuous loss cycle as inside I’m going to share the techniques & methods that will replace your losses with giant profits.

Q. I am an options trader, Is this workshop for me?

Ans. Yes, if you’re an Options Trader then definitely you need to attend this as this is going to save your capital from turning zero & multiply your existing returns.

Q. Is it really possible to outperform NIFTY in falling market?

Ans. Not only this is possible, infact many of my students have already done this with the help of the powerful strategy that I’m about to share in this LIVE Workshop.

Q. How to find such stocks that give huge returns in any market?

Ans. I will share with you the step-by-step process in the LIVE Workshop. The strategy I’m about to reveal is so powerful that it works even in the falling Markets.

Q. Does trading in Stocks give higher returns than options or intraday?

Ans. Well this depends on the Methods & the Strategy you use. If your Strategy is Powerful enough then definitely you can make higher returns very easily even in Stocks. One of the living example is my student who is making 25% Monthly returns in Stocks. The strategy that he uses is going to be LIVE soon right infront of you in the Workshop.

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